Our Specialities

Pure and Healthy

Aquasec quality products removes all bacteria and viruses. It eliminates all dissolved impurities. The technology used in it is RO+UV technology – A technology of next century !!.

24 X 7 Service

Aquasec's 24x7 support service provides its customers' with the assistance needed to resolve problems that may occur in the installation or operations of the our products. This support can be requested via telephone or an e-mail or online, uninterrupted on a 24x7 basis.

Quality Products

Our are elegant in design, superior in quality and affordable in price. They process all sorts of water and purifies 100% from all sorts of impurities.A Healthy family always prefers Aquasan quality products.

Satisfied Customers

Aquasec has served thousands of happy customers well over two decades with a series of Water Purifiers for your diverse utility for your house, offices, companies, hospitals, educational institutions etc.

Our Products


Reverse Osmosis + U.V. + Ultra Filter + Auto Flush

Wall Mounting / Table Top Model
5 micron sediment filter and 5 Stage Purification
NSF quality spares and food grade piping
15 ltrs per hour purification
Auto cut-off and heavy duty tap
75 Ltrs maximum duty cycles per day and more....

Aspire +

Reverse Osmosis + U.V. + Auto Flush + Ultra Filter

Below the counter Model with 5 stage purification
15 ltrs per hour purification
75 ltrs maximum duty cycle per day
Reverse Osmosis + Ultra Violet + Ultra Filter
Fully Automatic Machine
11 watts Philips UV Lamp and more....


Fruits and Vegetable Cleaner

Removes pesticides on fruits & vegetables
Kills bacteria and keeps food longer
Sterilizes cutlery milk bottles, towels and clothing
Strengthens the body
Purifies air
Removes unpleasant odours in the fridge and more....


Ultra Violet + Ultra Filter

Wall Mounting Model with 4 stage purification
60 ltrs per hour purification
Ultra Violet + Ultra Filter
Fully Automatic Machine
High Quality Filters
11 watts Philips UV Lamp and more....


RO + UV + UF Purification

Water is purified with RO + UV + UF Technology
Combination of hot and cold water
Superior quality and cosumes less power
High quality watrer storage tanks
Direct storage tank purification , Specially designed for industries, Institutions, Offices, Hospitals and Hotels

RO Plant

Domestic and Industrial

Complete water Solutions for Hospitals, Schools, Factories, and Apartments for Well and Borewell Water.

What Customers Say

  • I am really happy about the decision to buy an aquasec aspire plus water purifier and pleased with your service. I will surely recommend this to my friends.

    Deleep Kumar - Sr. Software Engineer
  • Love the product. I have recommended it to many people. Thank you for supplying such a fabulous product in a very professional way.

    M K Kumaran - Collage Professor
  • Its now 3 years I have been using rapid from aquasec, product is marvellous. Excellent product and very very happy with the service in Trivandrum. Thanks to my cousin for giving me the best advice on choosing rapid.

    Vishnu - Civil Engineer